Tasmanian berries

Tasmanian Berries 2020/2021 Season

Tasmanian berries seasonal work

Seasonal work is available for fruit pickers from early November to late May annually.
We welcome fruit pickers with and without experience and prefer that you work with us for a minimum of 4 weeks.
All workers must have a Tax File Number. You must also have valid visa to work in Australia, if you are visiting Australia from overseas.
We pay by the weight of berries picked and packed. Pay rates do fluctuate depending on the condition of the crop being harvested. We make a direct payment of your wages into your bank account and provide you with a pay slip.
- Christmas Hills site : 9 Christmas Hills Road Elizabeth town Tasmania
- Exton site : 284 Exton Road Exton Tasmania

Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job (RATTUAJ) is an Australian Government program that assists eligible participants to relocate to take up an offer of employment.

Available from 1 November 2020 until 31 December2021All job seekers participating in employment service programs as eligible.

$6,000 – relocate to a regional area/ Australian worker
$3,000 – extra if you relocate with a dependent/Australian worker
$2,000 – Visa holder with the right to work in Australia

To be eligible:
Be at least 18 years of age
Be at least 90 minutes from where you currently live
The job must be for at least 6 weeks (at least 120 hours)

If eligible you need to complete a Relocation Assistance form to take up a job agreement with your provider before you start a job.

Please visit https://www.employment.gov.au/relocation-assistance-take-job for detail.

Please take note, due to Covid-19 and the measures we have taken to help slow the spread, you will need to show proof of the time you have been in Tasmania. Also please provide your employment history for the past month, this will help ensure the safety of our team when inducting new workers. It is highly recommended that you only apply for work if you are committed to a term longer than 4 weeks and serious about the current situation, we will not accept people moving between jobs as this poses a higher risk to our staff.

Our Berries

Innovative growing methods

All of our berries are grown under multi-bay polytunnels. The polytunnels allow the growing season to extend beyond traditional growing periods by creating an ideal micro-climate, different to that outside of the polytunnels. The polytunnels allow pollinators and other beneficial insects to thrive as well as protecting the berries from weather events, including rain, wind, hail or sunburn and maximising sunlight and heat to create an ideal growing environment for our premium berries.

In addition to growing under the polytunnels, the majority of our berries are grown hydroponically, which means that they are grown in individual bags of coir (coconut peat). The plants are fed through a state of the art irrigation system, which provides the plants with the specific nutrients each variety requires for maximum yield and quality.

Our strawberry plants are grown on tabletop infrastructure, raising the plants up off the ground to a height of approximately 1.2 metres. This allows pickers to easily see and access the berries when picking as well as helping to control pests and diseases which traditionally attack berries grown on the ground.

Plant Varieties

The majority of the berries grown by Tasmanian Berries are Driscoll's varieties.

Driscoll's have developed many different berry plant varieties, which are grown worldwide by independent growers, like Tasmanian Berries.

The varieties start life in Driscoll's test plots in various growing locations around the world. The seedlings are grown in isolation to protect them from pests and diseases and if successful are then developed further in Driscoll's nurseries before being farmed for commercial production. In the wintertime, the seedlings arrive at the farm in cool storage to maintain a hibernating state until planting. The seedlings are planted in late winter and production of fruit will commence within a few months after planting.

Plant Health

Tasmanian Berries prides itself on growing healthy plants and in turn premium quality berries. We monitor our plants on a daily basis to maintain plant health and berry quality. During the winter months, the cane plants are exposed to frost to allow the canes to be chilled, pruned and trellised ready for the new season. Strawberry plants are replaced each year to ensure yield and quality are maintained throughout the growing season.


Throughout the growing season our berries are handpicked, generally every second day. The berries are picked and packed in the field and immediately delivered to the cool room, where they are blast-chilled down to a temperature of 2 - 3 degrees Celsius, to maximise quality and shelf life.

Employment Opportunities

Tasmanian Berries is an innovative and ever expanding business in Central, Northern Tasmania. The business has two farm sites, both in close proximity to Deloraine in Tasmania and provides employment opportunities to a range of different skill sets and levels of experience.

Our picking season, from October to May each year, provides an opportunity for seasonal workers for both locals and working visitors to Australia.

To work at Tasmanian Berries we recommend that you are physically fit and motivated. The work, particularly fruit picking, can be physically demanding, but very rewarding.

If you are interested in berry picking at Tasmanian Berries, please register your interest below.

Tasmanian Berries also provides opportunities for a range of long term career paths. If you wish to apply for a position we would encourage you to contact us or refer to this section of our website for advertised positions available from time to time.


Christmas Hills site

Christmas Hills

9 Christmas Hills road Elizabethtown

Exton site


284 Exton Road Exton Tasmania



Tasmanian berries Raspberry

Raspberries are a perennial plant. At Tasmanian Berries we grow our raspberries on four year rotations at which point the plants are replaced.

Tasmanian Berries maintains the raspberry plants by pruning and trellising in both wintertime and summertime, depending on the plant's age, so to grow fruit during the summertime (floracane) and/or the autumn (primacane).

Each year, Tasmanian Berries produces raspberries from late November until May.


Tasmanian berries Strawberry

Strawberries are a perennial plant however, at Tasmanian Berries replace our strawberries annually.

Tasmanian Berries maintains the strawberry plants by removing runners in the growing season so the plants will produce more flowers for fruit.

Each year, Tasmanian Berries produces Strawberries from early November until May.


Tasmanian berries Blackberry

Tasmanian Berries is one of the largest independent, commercial blackberry producers in Australia.

Blackberries are a perennial plant. At Tasmanian Berries we grow our blackberries on six year rotations at which point the plants are replaced.

Tasmanian Berries maintains the blackberry plants by pruning and trellising in both wintertime and summertime, depending on the plant's age and variety, so to grow fruit during the summertime (floracane) and/or the autumn (primacane).

Each year, Tasmanian Berries produces blackberries from late November until May.

Contact Us

Christmas Hills Site
9 Christmas Hills Road Elizabeth Town Tasmania

Exton Site
284 Exton Road Exton Tasmania

Postal Address
PO Box 275, Deloraine, Tasmania 7304

Local (03) 6362 2740
International +613 63622740


Office hours
8.00am - 4.00pm Monday - Wednesday
8.00am - 4.00pm Monday - Friday (December and January only)